Monday, May 29, 2023

Jimi Sandhu whacked in Phuket - update VIII

Matthew Dupre has been extradited to Thailand to face trial for the murder of UN gangster Jimi 'Slice' Sandhu. Dupre, 38, agreed to voluntarily return to Thailand.
His list of skills included “hand to hand combat, unconventional warfare and sharpshooter.”
The Department of National Defence said that Matthew Leandre Ovide Dupre served in the armed forces from 2005 to 2013 and Gene Karl Lahrkamp from 2012 to 2018. Lahrkamp purchased a 14 acre property on the outskirts of Trail in October 2017 for $180k. The business of his company was guide outfitting and breeding Belgian Malinois dogs. Cops have searched the property along with another in Alberta.
Thai cops identified the 2 gunmen wanted for the killing of Jimi Sandhu on Feb 4 in Rawai, Phuket. Arrest warrants for Canadians Gene Karl Lahrkamp, 36, and Matthew Leandre Ovide Dupre, 36, were issued Sunday. The gunmen arrived in Phuket 6 weeks before the shooting and departed 2 days after the murder.
The pair fled Phuket to Bangkok before leaving the country from Suvarnabhumi Airport on the evening of February 6th. Lahrkamp reportedly left for Frankfurt.
Thai cops found two guns at a beach in Phuket which they say were used in the murder of Jimi Sandhu. Police used metal detectors to search the seaside by the Rawai beachfront villa and found a semi-automatic Walther PPK and a CZ gun in the water.
Gangster Jimi Sandhu, 32, was shot to death at a beachside resort in Rawai, Phuket. The two gunmen are likely foreigners. Nineteen spent 9mm and .38 casings were found at the murder scene.
Sandhu was killed after he pulled into the parking lot of his rented villa at the Beachside Hotel. A maid found Sandhu lying in a pool of blood next to his vehicle some 8 hours after 2 gunmen on CCTV camera fired 20 shots at close range. A tracking device was found on the vehicle.
Sandhu was affiliated with the UN gang. He was deported from Canada in 2016 for “serious criminality.” The dead man had 2 IDs on him. He held a valid passport for ‘Mandeep Singh’ and ‘Amarjit Singh Sindhu’.
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