Friday, February 4, 2022

Mexico's plane lottery brings gangsters

Mexico's "plane lottery" gave away 100 prizes of 20m pesos each. ($950k) Often the 500 peso tickets in Mexico's plane lottery were bought by anonymous benefactors and donated to poor schools and nurseries. A list of the 100 winners was announced in September 2020 and published in Mexican newspapers.

The parents used the funds to build a new roof for the preschool and then the rest on social projects in their village.
José María Morelos y Pavón kindergarten in El Nacimiento is a tiny nursery in the indigenous village of Ocosingo. It was among the winners. The nursery has just over two dozen pupils. Their parents were put in charge of administering the windfall. Celebration turned into grief soon after news spread. Parents started receiving threats from an armed group called Los Petules which demanded that the prize money be used to buy guns.
The situation escalated in November when the gang attacked women and children in the village, causing 28 families to flee.