Friday, February 25, 2022

The Stewmaker - El Pozolero

Santiago Meza López, 'El Pozolero', will remain in prison. Meza was told he was being denied freedom because he has yet to be sentenced for more crimes. Pozole is a Mexican stew made with hominy, chicken, pork and vegetables.
El Pozolero confessed to earning $600 per week to submerge cadavers in a tub filled with acid and sodium hydroxide while 'stirring' the bodies for 8 hours until everything but the teeth, nails and some bone fragments dissolved. Meza said whatever remained would be burned before being buried in an empty lot on his property.
Santiago Meza Lopez, aka El Pozolero or The Stewmaker, confessed to helping the Sinaloa Cartel dissolve countless bodies in acid in order to make them disappear. The Stewmaker was first captured in 2009, and was sentenced to a decade in prison in 2012. He is set to be released. He was known to work across 10 locations in Tijuana. He spent years dissolving bodies, and at some point even constructed a drainage system to dispose of the waste.

Tens of thousands of bone fragments — the Stewmaker's leftovers — were uncovered by cops.
The Chicken Coop farm near the US border in Tijuana contained the remains of at least 240 people. The actual number is much higher ... 'Of the 16,500 litres of organic material, the Federal Attorney General's Office said that there could be up to 650 bodies.'
After his arrest Meza Lopez told how he disposed of the bodies and that he was paid $2400 per month for his work.