Saturday, March 5, 2022

Two Narco jets land in Belize in 24 hours - update II

Belize cops have located an empty and abandoned Sabreliner jet. The Sabreliner is an American twin engine business jet first built in 1962. The planes can cost less than $200k and can carry 2 tonnes of cocaine.
The second plane is a significantly more expensive 1980s Grumman Gulfstream G-III, which was found empty and buried in the mud. It might be worth $900k if it can be moved.
Two illegal landings were registered in Belize within 24 hours. The first aircraft landed in the north while the second landed in southern Belize, in the area of Graham Creek. Cops have not confirmed the landings but have reason to believe that both planes did land. Teams are currently on their way to the locations. It will take them up to 10 hours to get there. Belize is looking for help from the DEA; "It is challenging for us. We are working with our US counterpart, the DEA, to see what we can do to address the challenges that we are currently facing." Belize doesn't have its own radar tracking or interdiction capability, a fact known well by cocaine traffickers.
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