Sunday, March 13, 2022

Don Marion Anthony 'Fat Tony' D'Amico

Don Marion Anthony D'Amico, better known as Fat Tony, was the boss of the Springfield Mafia. He is a stereotypical Italian mafia boss and was behind most of Springfield’s criminal enterprises. His rackets included illegal gambling, cigarette and fireworks smuggling, bootlegging, fraud, selling false IDs and many many more. Fat Tony and his associates conducted business and socialized in the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.
Henchmen included Louie, Legs, Johnny Tightlips, Frankie the Squealer, Joey, and Jimmy the Snitch.
Some of Fat Tony's most memorable lines; “I don't get mad, I get stabby.”, “I am not so much disappointed as I am blinded with rage.”, “I ain't cried like this since I paid to see Godfather III."