Sunday, November 6, 2022

Lakhbir Singh, alias Landa - update V

Sudhir Suri
Canada-based gangster Lakhbir Singh Landa has taken responsibility on social media for the murder of Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri last week. Landa, in an unconfirmed Facebook post said that 'This is just a beginning'.

Suri was shot five times on Friday while taking part in a protest after some broken idols of Hindu deities were allegedly found on a roadside. He had been raising his voice against "Sikh fundamentalists” recently. Sandeep 'Sunny' Singh has been arrested as the gunman.

Lakhbir Singh 'Landa'
Punjab cops have determined Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) was behind the Mohali RPG attack, along with state actors from Pakistan. BKI is a Sikh terrorist organization whose goal is to create an independent Sikh country, Khalistan. Lakhbir Singh has thrown his lot in with terrorists.
Punjab cops are trying to recover around a dozen weapons that gangster Nishan Singh, one of the accused in the May 9 Mohali rocket-propelled grenade attack case, sold to different criminals. Nishan revealed he got the weapons from Lakhbir Singh Landa.

The continued lack of an Interpol 'red notice' is raising questions on the efficacy of Punjab cops.
Punjab Police cracked the rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack with Lakhbir Singh emerging as the key leader. He is said to have provided the RPG, AK-47 and local criminals to carry out the terror attack at Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in Mohali. He is a close aide of Pakistan wanted gangster Harvinder Singh and had joined with the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).

Its said an Interpol 'Red Notice' is pending.
Lakhbir Singh, who is wanted in Punjab in a high profile double murder, has been booked for extortion. Traders received WhatsApp calls from Landa demanding ransom. Landa sent WhatsApp and voice messages from various mobile numbers from Sept 27 last year to March 7 this year, demanding money. Landa warned the target saying “in case you don’t oblige your family would be eliminated”. Landa is facing 20 criminal cases, including murder and attempted murder, in Tarn Taran, Moga and Ferozepur districts. He fled to Canada just before he was convicted in a Punjab criminal case in 2017. He was sponsored by his sister Sukhraj Kaur.