Friday, June 2, 2023

Kyle Alexander Purvis nailed for MAJOR cocaine - 1.5 tonnes - update IV

43-year-old New Hamburg resident Adam Kaup pleaded guilty to helping import 1,512 kg of cocaine that were to be delivered to a Brantford warehouse in 2022. Kaup also acknowledged a previous successful plan that brought in another large shipment in 2021 that went undetected. “It’s breathtaking,” said Justice Gethin Edward as he sentenced Kaup to 19 years in prison. Also charged were Vincenzo Capotorto, 47, and Kyle Alexander Purvis, 36, of Brantford. Purvis has pleaded guilty and returns to court in August. Records list Purvis as director of a heavy equipment repair and service company Deval Handling Equipment Inc. at 133 Mohawk St, Brantford, Ont. (Closed) Capotorto is said to have owned the warehouse. His case is set for a pre-trial in the fall.
We have run across the photo of a Kyle Purvis of Brantford from 2014. This from an abandoned twitter account. Is this our guy? Tack on 8 years and this young man MIGHT BE aged 34 today.
Kyle Alexander Purvis, 34, of Brantford was charged with importing a controlled substance into Canada and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. This comes almost a month after 1.5 tonnes of cocaine was seized by CBSA officers hidden inside the cargo of a marine container in Saint John, N.B. The huge cocaine shipment travelled a winding route from Colombia, through Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic inside secret compartments in a large piece of machinery, its final destination a heavy equipment business in Brantford. Valued was pegged at $198m and it is the largest quantity of cocaine seized from a marine shipping container in Atlantic Canada in three decades.