Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Kyle Alexander Purvis nailed for MAJOR cocaine - 1.5 tonnes - update

We have run across the photo of a Kyle Purvis of Brantford from 2014. This from an abandoned twitter account. Is this our guy? Tack on 8 years and this young man MIGHT BE aged 34 today. Stay tuned.
Kyle Alexander Purvis, 34, of Brantford was charged with importing a controlled substance into Canada and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. This comes almost a month after 1.5 tonnes of cocaine was seized by CBSA officers hidden inside the cargo of a marine container in Saint John, N.B. The huge cocaine shipment travelled a winding route from Colombia, through Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic inside secret compartments in a large piece of machinery, its final destination a heavy equipment business in Brantford.
Valued was pegged at $198m and it is the largest quantity of cocaine seized from a marine shipping container in Atlantic Canada in three decades. Records list Purvis as director of a heavy equipment repair and service company on Mohawk Street in Brantford.