Saturday, April 29, 2023

Danbrook One offense in Langford - 'tear it down' - DB Services

Residents of Ridgeview Place — formerly Danbrook One — are fleeing the structure after the building’s owner issued an emergency evacuation, deeming the 11-storey, 90-unit building unsafe due to structural issues. It’s the second time in four years the tower has been flagged as unsafe by Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. and evacuated over safety concerns. Design and structural flaws were found in 2019 months after the building was finished and occupied. The City of Langford got a stamp of approval from two engineers that it was safe, so an occupancy permit was reissued a year ago. Now those engineers are under investigation. The plans for the building were originally stolen from Leon Plett of RJC Engineers and improperly 'adapted' by builder DB Services.

28 serious structural concerns were revealed by Read Jones Christoffersen Limited Consulting Engineers.
The long term former mayor of Langford, Stew Young accepted no responsibility. “I don’t want to be like everybody else,” Young says. “At the end, the job is to understand what the public wants and get it done.”
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