Wednesday, April 27, 2022

$250k bounty for Abilaziz 'Lips' Mohamed - update II

Abilaziz 'Lips' Mohamed, 32, was reeled in by Toronto cops within hours. For $250k these types would rat out their own mothers.
Number one on the list of Canada's most wanted is Abilaziz 'Lips' Mohamed, 32, who is accused of shooting Craig MacDonald, 43, in the parking lot of a Scarborough Boston Pizza last year. MacDonald was a devoted family man with 5 children. It's a whooping $250k if you know where the wicked K9 Abilaziz Mohamed is at. Mohamed is described as five-foot-ten, 190 pounds, and has a stocky build, black hair, brown eyes, and a full beard with a mustache. Cops say 'lips' Mohamed is believed to be in the GTA and is armed and dangerous.
It's a $100k bounty on the head of Gene Karl Lahrkamp, who is suspected of being one of the hitmen of Jimi Sandhu. Lahrkamp's last known residence was in Trail. Cops believe he's in B.C.
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