Friday, April 1, 2022

Abduraman 'Diamond' Iseni = 51 months

Abduraman "Diamond" Iseni, 56, of Staten Island, was convicted in 1996 for racketeering and in 2012 for money laundering. He has served more than a decade in federal prison. After his last release, he ran another multi-year racketeering enterprise from 2017 through 2020. 'Diamond Enterprise' operated a network of illegal gambling parlors throughout Brooklyn. It hosted underground poker games and illegal sports books. Iseni admitted to eight counts, including racketeering, interstate threats, money laundering, bank fraud conspiracy, false statements to a bank, and two gambling conspiracy offenses. 16 were arrested in a joint FBI and NYPD operation. Most of the Ethnic-Albanian gang were indicted on charges related to the illegal gambling operations.
Along with Iseni, three others, Ervin “Vinny” Makishti, Sokol Gjoni, and Miralem Ljuljanovic, face racketeering charges.