Friday, May 6, 2022

British Virgin Islands premier busted for cocaine in US sting - update III

Legislators voted to remove disgraced premier Andrew Fahie and install his former deputy, Natalio Wheatley. This came as Fahie was granted $500k bail in Miami, a decision that was immediately appealed. Andrew Fahie had demanded his immediate release from US custody, claiming he is immune from prosecution on drug trafficking charges because he is an elected, constitutional head of government.

Andrew Fahie, the premier of the British Virgin Islands, was busted in a sting in Miami on charges of conspiring to import cocaine and money laundering.
Britain is poised to impose a form of direct rule over the British Virgin Islands after the territory’s premier was arrested. Hours before his court appearance in Miami, a commission of inquiry – launched in 2021 – reported on widespread abuses, including millions disappearing. The commission recommended that the territory have its constitution suspended, its elected government dissolved and be ruled from London.
Oleanvine Maynard
Oleanvine Maynard, the manager director of the port authority, and her son Kadeem were also detained.
DEA agents posed as members of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. In exchange for bribes and 10% ($7.8m) — for each 3,000-kilogram load of cocaine sold in Miami, Fahie and his co-defendants allegedly agreed to provide safe passage for the drugs and a network of shell companies to launder proceeds.
“Oh, no no no, not my first rodeo at all, NOT, MY FIRST RODEO, AT ALL,” Fahie can be heard laughing in a recording.