Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Col. Omurbekov Azatbek Asanbekovich - Butcher of Bucha

It is now Colonel 'Butcher of Bucha' after Putin promoted his war crimes killer. Evgeny Spirin said of the scenes in Bucha: 'Some of the killed children had their arms tied up.'

The 64th separate motorized rifle brigade was honoured by Putin for 'heroism, bravery, fortitude and courage'.
Omurbekov Azatbek Asanbekovich was blessed by the Bishop of Khabarovsk before his deployment to Ukraine. “With the blessing of the Almighty, we hope to achieve the same things that our forebears achieved.” he said.
Lt. Col. Omurbekov Azatbek Asanbekovich is commander of military unit 51460 (64th separate motorized rifle brigade). Over 410 civilians were executed around Bucha under his command.
Military unit 51460 is from the village of Knyaze-Volkonskoye, Khabarovsk region, Siberian far east. Омурбеков азатбек асанбекович - mnac1981@gmail.com. Kniaze-Wołkonskoje, rejon chabarowski, aleja Motostrelkowa, 3. tel. (4212 ) 397103.
There are grim and disturbing images of executed civilians in the streets of Bucha. At least 300 civilians were killed.