Saturday, April 23, 2022

Canadian flight crew bailed in Dominican Republic after reporting 200kg cocaine

The Canadian crew were detained on April 6. They are not allowed to leave the chithole country.

Crew found the drugs in a compartment that contained critical electrical gear and reported the find both to local officials and the RCMP.
Canadian charter airline Pivot Airlines says its 2 pilots and 2 flight attendants are being unfairly detained in dangerous, inhumane conditions in the Dominican Republic after reporting what turned out to be 200 kg of cocaine stashed in their plane. The aircraft is a Bombardier regional jet that until two years ago was flying under Air Canada Express colors. It is now held at Punta Cana airport.
The plane is registered under C-FWRR and still bears the 105 tail number used when it flew Air Canada Express routes. It has travelled extensively in the Caribbean over the last year, according to the FlightRadar24 website. Almost all of its 65 flights since mid-December have been to or from the region, including stops in the Dominican Republic, Saint Martin, Jamaica, Nassau, Puerto Rico and Antigua.