Friday, April 29, 2022

Daniel Kinahan 'running out of road' in race to escape UAE - update

Sky Sports presenter Matthew Macklin was banned from boarding a flight to the US. The former boxing world title contender was due to fly to Las Vegas. His links to Kinahan mean he is now persona non gratia in the United States. Macklin's ties to Daniel Kinahan are extensive. He initially co-founded MTK boxing management in 2012 with the Irishman, who once described Macklin as his best friend.
Measures announced by Dubai mirror American sanctions, which means nobody in the kingdom can do business with them. Technically, not even supermarkets can serve them. UAE authorities no longer want the traffickers from the Kinahan Cartel in their country. It is increasingly likely they will be arrested and extradited to Ireland to face charges. A second possibility is that the UAE will hand the men over to the US. Its said the $5m rewards have resulted in an avalanch of rats and new material for cops to pursue. The Kinahans will need to act quickly ... the prospect of spending the rest of their lives at Florence ADMAX is growing.
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