Wednesday, April 27, 2022

"Google me - I'm Liam Byrne from Dublin"

Kinanhan drug dealer Liam Byrne is desperate to collect loot from his new bolthole in Dubai by making threatening phone calls while on the run. The gangster was spotted in McGettigan's Bar at the Jumeirah Lakes Towers with his wife Simoan McEnroe. It is understood key figures of the Kinahan Cartel are now under police surveilence. Byrne is foolishly using his phone to terrorize anyone he believes owes him money. He tells his targets to "Google me - I'm Liam Byrne from Dublin". The Kinahan Cartel is being crushed as the money dries up. Byrne is wanted by UK police. His brother-in-law Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh has been caged for 21 years. Byrne's business partner Sean McGovern is wanted for murder and an Interpol red notice arrest warrant has been issued for him. He is thought to also be in the UAE.
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