Friday, November 3, 2023

HA Courtney Vasseur nailed with stock fraudster David Sidoo - update V

A lawyer for Courtney Vasseur says allegations against her client are a house of cards. Teresa Mitchell-Banks argued the U.S. had not proven Vasseur and Curtis Lehner committed fraud because they hadn’t proven the two knew their stock promotion material was false. Ahuck. That likely won't fly far because it isn't the B.C. court's role to assess evidence. Boys learn their fate at month end.
The extradition hearing of HA Courtney Vasseur, 42, is finally underway. Courtney 'Court' Vasseur is from the Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels. Vasseur was busted along with Curtis Lehner and seven others. HERE “Through their pump and dump schemes, Lehner, Vasseur ... and their co-conspirators generated at least approximately $35m in proceeds from the sale of the shares they secretly controlled.” The 10 hail from Canada, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Monaco, Turkey and the Bahamas. The SEC is suing David Sidoo, and seven others, accusing them of pump and dump schemes to defraud investors of US$145m.
Vasseur faces US charges of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. Vasseur used aliases 'Cyrill Vetsch' and 'Arctic Shark.' The biker had a hand in 9 pump and dumps over 2 years and is looking at 20 years. HERE Vasseur formerly worked for Aggressive Roadbuilders, a Langley company that went under in 2008 after Matthew Brooks and Kirk Roberts defrauded Scotiabank of $6m.