Sunday, April 17, 2022

Outlaws enforcer Randall 'Madman' Miller denied compassionate release

Randall 'Madman' Miller
Randall 'Madman' Miller wanted out of his life sentence under the First Step Act. He killed a couple near Richmond in 1993, slitting the man’s throat. He was a brutual and heartless thug who whallowed in the violence of a war with the Hells Angels. His 2000 racketeering conviction included killings, bombings and much other violence. His cold blooded murder of Morris and Ruth Gauger, an innocent couple in their 70s, shocked the town of Richmond.
Miller, 62, is one of many federal prisoners who have sought compassionate release, often citing advancing age and bad health. Miller's health issues did not sway the judge, who said he is receiving good medical care in jail, where he will stay.

Outlaws boss Orville 'Orvie' Cochran won compassionate release last year, six months before his 5 year sentence for racketeering conspiracy was up.
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