Friday, July 15, 2022

Stéphane Dupuis whacked in Laval - update

Montreal cops searched 3 residences last week. It is related to the murder of Stéphane Dupuis, 51, on April 12. Dupuis was an alpha level cocaine dealer with connections to mafioso Francesco Del Balso. One of these residences is that of Patrick Robert, 48, a man considered by cops to be part of HA Mario Brouillette's group. Although he no longer officially wears Hells Angels colors, Mario Brouillette is the most significant player of organized crime in Montreal according to the SQ.
Stéphane Dupuis was a close associate of HA Mario Brouillette, a man considered a top actor in organized crime in Quebec. Dupuis was shot 8 times while waiting to enter a car wash. During the 2000s, Dupuis was arrested as part of operation Ziplock, along with René Charbonneau. He also dealt with Francesco Del Balso, then a lieutenant in the Montreal Mafia. Dupuis was sentenced to 35 months for cocaine trafficking and gangsterism in 2008.
Stéphane Dupuis was the target of a hit man in October 2020 but survived his gunshot wounds.
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