Tuesday, November 15, 2022

US sanctions Kinahan Cartel - update V

The Kinahans are said to be furious at caged Johnny Morrissey for going against their instructions on how to launder their drug money. Cop intelligence sources say boss Daniel Kinahan blames Morrissey for drawing attention with his high-profile Nero Vodka company. Morrissey, 62 was pinched by Spain’s Guardia Civil in September. Morrissey and wife Nicola, Nero Vodka’s CEO, hosted lavish bashes.
Nicola was released.

Nicola gave interviews about how the business was expanding into the US.
One of the couple’s promotions was a Gladiator-themed party, held at Marbella’s five-star Puente Romano Hotel. Last year Nero Vodka sponsored a UK gangster movie, Rise Of The Footsoldier 4.
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Daniel Kinahan resided on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.
The Criminal Assets Bureau in Ireland served proceedings on Daniel Kinahan at addresses in the USA and Dubai by registered mail. The High Court granted an order allowing it after gardai said it would be difficult to do so personally. They aim to sell off the luxury Dublin mansion at 10 Coldwater Lakes, in Saggart, Dublin which they say is owned and controlled by Kinahan.
Those who breach sanctions imposed on mob boss Daniel Kinahan and his associates face fines of up to $1m and a maximum 20 years in a US prison. US banks and companies cannot do business with the Kinahan crime group anywhere in the world. Christy Kinahan and his sons may already have been charged during US court proceedings under a sealed indictment.

MTK Global shut down.

Daniel Kinahan, Christopher Kinahan Jr and Christopher Kinahan Sr
The UAE has frozen the assets of the Kinahan cartel. The asset freeze includes all personal and corporate bank accounts in the kingdom. Two companies, Hoopoe Sports and Ducashew General Trading, are based in Dubai. Among the seven individuals and companies sanctioned by the US Treasury is Daniel Kinahan, his father Christy, and brother Christopher Jr. The DEA has offered rewards of up to $5m for information leading to the arrest of any of the three Kinahans. The Kinahan cartel is one of the world's largest crime groups. The gang, which used Dubai as a HQ for its business, operates in Ireland, the UK, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The intervention of the US is seen as a major blow to their operation.
Daniel Kinahan has become a figure in boxing circles. Despite Kinahan's well known links to the drug trade, boxing chiefs have defended his involvement with the sport. World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaimán offered his "full backing" to the Irish drug kingpin. On April 8 Kinahan claimed any allegations of criminality are part of a smear campaign against him and his family. Thomas "Bomber" Kavanagh, the top man in the UK for the Kinahans, was jailed for 21 years.
Sean McGovern, 36, was wounded in the attack at the Regency Hotel. He is described by the US as “Daniel Kinahan’s advisor and closest confidant”. It further states that “evidence indicates that all dealings with Daniel Kinahan go through Sean McGovern”. McGovern's house in Crumlin, Dublin, was seized in 2020. He subsequently moved to Dubai.

Dubliner Ian Dixon, 32 is also in Dubai. He is described as a key man. Dixon “owns or controls, directly or indirectly” the Hoopoe Sports company in UAE.
Bernard Patrick Clancy, 44, is in Dubai and Spain. He is a key lieutenant of the Kinahan cartel.

John ‘Johnny’ Morrissey, 62, Spain. The US says Morrissey is involved in money laundering. Morrissey is the owner or controller of the Scottish-based Nero Drinks Company Ltd, which sells luxury alcoholic drinks and is one of the three companies on the US sanctions list. Morrissey uses his wife to front his operation.
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