Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Randy Vogel - 'Fleet Captain' - update

Randy Vogel was "born and raised in Shaughnessy." Vogel was raised in the privileges of wealth by virtue of birth. This is the world of country clubs and yacht clubs to keep the riff raff out. This is what made the man who would angrily rip down posters of a dead woman. A moral vacancy where a soul should be.
Tim Vogel, left, Randy Vogel, right. Father Wink Vogel died March 2020. Randy Vogel attended Harvard Business School, then became a real estate agent and B&B operator.

The Vogel's mansion at 5050 Granville had been operating as Granville House Bed and Breakfast.
The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club said 'Fleet Captain' Randy Vogel has been suspended from the club. Vogel has stepped down from the board of his family business Cloverdale Paint. 
Randy Vogel was fired by Macdonald Realty after he decided to rip down posters seeking information on the death of a native woman found in the area. Randy Vogel and his wife Pam own 5050 Granville Street, near where the posters were torn down.

 "Macdonald Realty is known for our long tradition of integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, a member of our organization didn’t live up to these values, and we therefore moved quickly to ensure that they are no longer with our company."

Robert Fico - Slovakia ex-prime minister avoids jail, for now

Former Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico will not be going to jail after parliament narrowly failed to approve a motion to suspend his immunity from prosecution while he is being investigated on organized crime charges. 74 MPs voted in favor of letting a court decide whether Fico should be taken into pre-trial custody, leaving the motion to suspend his immunity two votes short of passing. “Some may have [voted] out of naivete, some from idiocy, some for money, and some just wanted to buy insurance in case they ever faced justice themselves.”

Slovakia PM Robert Fico turned the country into his own personal fiefdom which he ran for ten of the 12 years from 2006-18.
Huge street protests triggered by the murder of an investigative journalist forced Fico's resignation. Last week the exclamation point: investigators in Bratislava fingered him as a mob boss who formed and ran an organized crime group during his time in office.
Fico resigned after the 2018 slayings of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee, Martina Kusnirova. Kuciak had been investigating government corruption and ties to ‘Ndrangheta when he was killed.
Slovak Marian Kocner was busted for ordering the murders. He had close ties to Fico.

Monday, May 30, 2022

K9 sniffs out 805kg cocaine in Rio de Janeiro

Enzo, a dog with Brazil's Federal Police, led agents to 805 kilos of cocaine that was being smuggled in a truck in Rio de Janeiro. The K9 was praised by President Jair Bolsonaro.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Justice STUPID slow for Halifax cop Jacob Farr

Halifax pig Const. Jacob Farr, 31, will go to trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in April 2023 on four charges.
A Halifax cop facing four criminal charges was not ready to make an election or enter pleas when he appeared in court by phone. It was the fifth time the allegations against Const. Jacob Farr have been in Halifax provincial court since he was charged by the Serious Incident Response Team in July 2020. Farr faces two counts of assault in relation to an arrest. He’s also charged with obstructing police and breach of trust for failing to report his actions in police reports. Farr remains suspended with pay, and for years. He has been an oiker since December 2017.
See ----->Halifax cops pepper spray 10 year old girl while rousting homeless

Friday, May 27, 2022

Port of Vancouver - 368th out of 370, worldwide - Damiano Dipopolo

The Port of Vancouver is the main gateway for goods from Asia, and it is near the top of worst in the world, ranking 368th out of 370 ports. Long have Hells Angels like Damiano Dipopolo and their cohorts controlled the Port of Vancouver. Up to a dozen full patch HA 'work' as longshoremen on Vancouver docks on any given day.
The World Bank says the Port of Vancouver fails, miserably. Most inefficient ports in the world are Long Beach and Los Angeles. Significant improvements made there virtually guarantee the Port of Vancouver is the worst there is. Up to 15 ships are waiting to be unloaded. Former Kelowna HA President Damiano Dipopolo joined his brothers as a longshoreman on May 24, 2012.

Peter Ferrari dies of Covid

Pedro David Perez Miranda, 'Peter Ferrari' died Sept 28, 2020 in a Lima hospital of Covid.
NTR Metals was the largest money-laundering prosecution involving precious metals in U.S. history. “The scope of the conspiracy is enormous,” a federal prosecutor said. Federal prosecutors in Miami charged 3 NTR traders with money laundering, saying the three men bought $3.6 billion of illegal gold from criminal groups in Latin America. The scandal shut down NTR and cost its Dallas-based parent company, Elemetal, the ability to trade gold on bullion and commodity exchanges. Prosecutors claimed the gold traders, who eventually pleaded guilty, fueled “illegal gold mining, foreign bribery and narcotics trafficking.”

Pedro Pérez Miranda - Peter Ferrari
In 2012, NTR did little business in Latin America. The next year, it struck a rich vein, becoming the largest U.S. importer of Peruvian gold with $980m worth. They did it with help from Peruvian Pedro Pérez Miranda, who laundered drug money through the gold trade. As the U.S. war on drugs undercut cash flow of narcos, dealers diversified into Latin America’s gold industry. By using drug profits to mine and sell gold, criminals can launder staggering amounts of money.
NTR’s Peruvian operations collapsed at the end of 2013 when police raided a storage facility outside Lima holding gold that belonged to Ferrari and others.
Agents seized $18.8m worth of gold. But the party wasn’t over — it moved to neighboring countries. In 2014, NTR began smuggling gold across the border to Ecuador and Bolivia.
Illegal mining has devastated rainforests.
When local governments in those countries also began cracking down the party moved again, this time to Colombia. In 2015, NTR’s imports from Colombia soared to $722m. That accounted for more than half of the country’s gold exports to the US. Colombia exported 64 tons of gold in 2016, much of it to the United States. That same year, Colombia’s legal mining operations produced only eight tons. A large part of the gap between what Colombia’s big mines produce and what the country exports is unlicensed and untaxed gold — often unearthed at any cost by operations controlled by narco-traffickers and other criminals.
Cartel associates pose as precious-metals traders to buy and mine gold. Cocaine profits are their seed money. They sell the metal through front companies to refineries. Once complete, cocaine kingpins have turned their dirty gold into clean cash. To the outside world, they’re not drug dealers; they’re gold traders.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

$2m in cocaine in Texas = 10 years in federal pen

Reynaldo Perez Jr., 29, was sentenced to a decade in federal prison after pleading guilty to possession with intent to distribute drugs. Perez was a passenger on a Tornado Bus at the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint. A K-9 alerted at his luggage at the cargo area of the bus. A search led to the discovery of 21 kg of cocaine. Evidence was shown of Perez executing two successful drug runs prior to being busted.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

50ft yacht busted with £60m of cocaine up for grabs

A 50ft yacht seized by the UK government will be put up for auction with no reserve price.
Gary Swift and Scott Kilgour began their journey from Suriname, a small country in South America. They were caught by customs officers, just off the Pembrokeshire coast with 751kg of high-purity cocaine stored throughout the vessel in 2019. It was one of the UK’s largest seizures.
Swift was jailed for 19 years for drug smuggling, while Kilgour pulled 13 years.

4 UK men busted for 300kg of cocaine in Greece

Containers of bananas had arrived from Colombia. The suspects were arrested at a house near the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki.
The operation is part of an investigation that found 3.7 tonnes of cocaine hydrochloride in a container of 20 pallets of bananas last month. The seized Class A drugs were intended for other European countries and Australia. Guns and a large amount of cash was also seized. The seizure had an estimated street value of at least 50 million euros.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Victoria Baker-Harber's lover in £68m art swindle

For almost a decade Victoria Baker-Harber has been one of the stars of Britain’s poshest reality show, 'Made In Chelsea'. The show took a twist when her fiancé was jailed for 7 years for masterminding a £68m art swindle.
Inigo Philbrick, 34, was busted for selling the same valuable masterpieces several times over. He travelled the world on private jets, spending his summers in Ibiza. Inigo wore £5,000 suits, hand-made shoes, a belt with diamonds and £48k watches. Philbrick was on the run for 6 months before the FBI tracked him down on the remote Pacific Island of Vanuatu.

Young Thug - RICO

Jeffery Lamar Williams, Young Thug, was busted on gang-related charges on May 9 after being named in a sweeping 56-count grand jury indictment in Fulton County, Georgia. He is among 28 people associated with the Atlanta-based Young Slime Life (YSL) gang, which he co-founded in 2012. His indictment spotlights controversial use of rap lyrics as evidence.
Young Thug was first charged with two counts, conspiring to violate the state’s RICO act and participating in street gang activity.
Williams was hit with drugs and weapons charges after cops searched his home following his arrest. Other rappers from the label were also indicted, including 'Gunna' Sergio Kitchens.
"YSL is an acronym for ‘Young Slime Life’ and it’s a hybrid gang that operates here in Atlanta and it’s an affiliate of the Bloods gang."

Monday, May 23, 2022

Rapper Pooh Shiesty in deep pooh = 63 months

Pooh was cooked.
Shiesty and Bobby Brown, the other man charged, shot and injured two other men in a parking lot in a shoe rip. Shiesty arrived in a McLaren he rented from one of the victims and wanted to negotiate the car's rental as well, but during the transaction, he and Brown shot the men — one in the hip and the other in the ass. Surveillance footage captured the shooting. While leaving, a Louis Vuitton bag — which had $40,912 in cash — fell out of the McLaren. Shiesty had posted guns and $100 bills on Instagram days before the robbery. Cops tapped the rapper's instagram and found the same bills in the Louis Vuitton bag were also in his posts. Its 63 months in jail, three years of supervised release and additional restrictions such as no contact with his co-defendants.
Rapper Pooh Shiesty (Lontrell Williams) agreed to plead guilty in connection with a Florida armed robbery. He faced a maximum sentence of life in prison if he had been convicted at trial of using a firearm "in furtherance of another federal crime of violence." He and another man shot two others in a "high end athletic sneaker" deal gone bad.

Cocaine cut with fentanyl in Nashville

Khalil D. Smith, 26; Nesean Thompson, 22; and Michael Terry, 26 were busted on felony drug charges after selling three grams of a white powder to an undercover cop for $200. It tested positive for fentanyl and cocaine. The dealers sold adulterated cocaine every day in downtown Nashville. Fentanyl is believed responsible for about 80% of drug overdose deaths in Nashville and Davidson County. A health warning was issued to the public about the spike in drug overdoses in the downtown Nashville area.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

InstaFamous model Emmy Russ - revisited

Germany's Emmy Russ's quest to get the perfect Instagram shot in 2020 left her with more than she bargained for after she posed on a cop car. She faced a bill after cops claimed her photo shoot dented their car. The 23-year-old has 160k followers on Instagram.
Hamburg cops posted on their official Instagram account that they had caught a woman posing for photos on the hood of their car. The post said police had been “amazed” after a resident tipped them off that “a woman in front of the police station” was “lolling on the hood of a patrol car”. Hamburg cops said it was apparently to take ‘nice photos’ but cops later said the hood was pushed in after her posing on their car.