Friday, October 28, 2022

1,432 lb meth bust = Calgary HA

Drug smuggler Ted Karl Faupel, 51, told cops a stranger hired him to pilot a drug boat for $1,000. He also said he knew nothing about a loaded gun on board. He was sentenced to a decade in prison Oct. 11, a sentence applauded by U.S. attorneys after calling the meth bust one of the largest of its kind in recent memory. “Faupel was not some low-level courier, as defense may argue. The sheer volume of drugs undermines this argument,” read a sentencing memo. Faupel had a jacket on board that showed he is a supporter of the Calgary Hells Angels.
U.S. customs seized 1,432 pounds of methamphetamine on a boat just southwest of Stuart Island, north of San Juan Island May 26, 2022. Alberta resident Ted Karl Faupel was busted.