Thursday, June 23, 2022

Gregory Woolley being sent a message - update

Gregory Woolley, closely tied to both the Montreal mafia and the Hells Angels, was targeted during two incidents in the past month. Bullet holes were found in a neighbor's house and last week shell casings were found after shots rang out beside his property. Considered "the godfather" of Montreal street gangs, Woolley changed the landscape of the drug trade in Montreal. Its said the home has been put up for sale for $3.8m. Woolley was released in November 2020 after a five-year sentence for gangsterism.
Gregory Woolley
One of those busted in a weapons trafficking operation was Daniel Charleus. He is close to blues gang leader Jean-Philippe Célestin. Charleus served as a contact to sell guns to Célestin. Célestin is closely tied to Gregory Woolley. Cops seized four handguns, a fully automatic long gun, ammunition and more than $50,000 in cash. Firearms sold by the group are suspected in the countless shootings that have taken place in the metropolis in recent months.
Jean-Philippe Célestin