Monday, June 20, 2022

Marcelo Pecci hit - Brazilian gang PCC fingered

5 have been arrested for the May 10 murder of Marcelo Pecci on the resort island of Baru, including the shooter. Colombian cops say the First Capital Command (PCC) formulated the plot to assassinate prosecutor Pecci.

Still at large is Gabriel Carlos Luis Salinas.
Paraguay’s anti-drug prosecutor Marcelo Pecci collapsed and died on the white sand of Barú beach. He was shot once in the face and once in the back by two gunmen on a waterski. Pecci was a prosecutor specializing in drug trafficking. He had recently participated in the operation Ultranza Py against drug trafficking in that country. Colombian cops revealed a photograph of a man with a hat, glasses and dressed in black.

'A ULtranza PY' is an operation carried out with the support of the DEA, Europol, and the Uruguayan Directorate for the Suppression of Illicit Drug Trafficking. It seized assets exceeding US$100m. The leader would be Uruguayan Sebastian Marset.

It was the newlyweds last day in the Caribbean.
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