Friday, May 27, 2022

Port of Vancouver - 368th out of 370, worldwide - Damiano Dipopolo

The Port of Vancouver is the main gateway for goods from Asia, and it is near the top of worst in the world, ranking 368th out of 370 ports. Long have Hells Angels like Damiano Dipopolo and their cohorts controlled the Port of Vancouver. Up to a dozen full patch HA 'work' as longshoremen on Vancouver docks on any given day.
The World Bank says the Port of Vancouver fails, miserably. Most inefficient ports in the world are Long Beach and Los Angeles. Significant improvements made there virtually guarantee the Port of Vancouver is the worst there is. Up to 15 ships are waiting to be unloaded. Former Kelowna HA President Damiano Dipopolo joined his brothers as a longshoreman on May 24, 2012.