Saturday, May 21, 2022

Gang warfare in Western Sydney

An angry imam berated mourners at the funeral of Rami Iskander. He was laid to rest in the grave next to his kingpin uncle Mahmoud 'Brownie' Ahmad, 17 days after his murder. The 23-year-old was gunned down outside his home in front of his pregnant wife and two-year-old child. Gangland violence is running rampant in Western Sydney.
Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad
13 people have been killed in gang violence in Sydney's west and southwest over the past 18 months. Comanchero boss Tarek Zahed, 41, is in critical condition and his brother Omar dead after they were sprayed with bullets two weeks ago. Tarek survived despite 10 gunshot wounds to his body and head.
He is said to be blind.