Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Start of Bern Biker trial - Hells Angels, Bandidos and Broncos

Only a huge police presence prevented a street brawl among more than 200 bikers gathered in Bern. In the entrance area of the courthouse, a fight broke out between several suspects. Cops had to intervene with rubber bullets to separate the men. The trial started two hours late that day due to the incident. The prosecutor sumed it up ... "A cozy beer together is out of the question here."

22 gangsters are charged.
Hells Angels, Bandidos, and their associates faced off outside court in the Swiss capital Bern before the start of a trial into a violent clash between the two gangs in May 2019. Two men are accused of attempted intentional homicide, while another is charged with grievous bodily harm. Cops seized an assault rifle, six pistols, knives, machetes, tasers, pepper sprays and baseball bats.
The violence in Belp erupted after the Bandidos tried to open a chapter there. The Hells Angels and their allies the Broncos saw this as a provocation and decided to respond.