Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Talal Amer wanted - Top 25 K9

Talal Amer is sixth on the list, wanted for killing a mother in Calgary. He is said to be tapping his Lebanese heritage to avoid justice.

Talal Amer, his brother Barakat and two cousins, Badar and Abdul, are career gangsters.
Convicted gangster Talal Amer, 29, is wanted on Canada-wide warrants in the death of an innocent woman in a car crash that orphaned five children. He had been released from jail a week earlier. Amer faces charges of attempted murder, manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm, possession of a prohibited firearm and other offences. Amer was in a stolen truck and pursued a car, shooting at it before colliding with Angela McKenzie's vehicle, killing her. Amer was charged with six counts of attempted murder in connection with a Calgary street war around 2015. Amer and members of his family, including his brother and cousins, were involved in a bloody gang conflict over drug turf.

Angela McKenzie