Saturday, December 10, 2022

Bernard Cherfan whacked in Laval - update IV

Tafari Bezabeh, 19, and Jalen Joel Campbell Brown, 21, were both arrested in Ontario. Both appeared to face premeditated murder charges. An after-the-fact accessory charge has also been filed against Campbell Brown. They join Brit(t)ney Lewis who was busted shortly after Cherfan's murder. Cops arrested Britney Lewis, 25, on June 17 in connection with the murder of Bernard Cherfan. Britney Lewis is facing charges including first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Cherfan, 42, was shot in the head on June 1 in front of 20 people, including several children. Surveillance cameras filmed the gangsters before, during and after the murder.
In 2020, Brittney Lewis, 23, Devante Long, 25, Nikeita Forbes, 28, and Jay Alexander, 19, faced 42 gun and drug charges.
Cherfan had links to organized crime and extensive links to mob boss Stefano Sollecito. Cherfan's murder is said to be a symptom of a conflict in the making between factions of organized crime in Montreal.
Cherfan had a criminal record and survived a previous attempt on his life in Laval in 2015. Cherfan also had clear ties to convicted mafia hitman Frédérick Silva. Cherfan helped Silva hide while he was being sought by cops. Cherfan was the second person tied to Silva to be killed in less than a month. On May 11, Sébastien Giroux, 36, was fatally shot in St-Michel. He helped Silva hide from police following the Somoza-Gildea murder.

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