Monday, June 13, 2022

Elvis Demce - Albanian mob boss who invaded Rome

The door to new groups opened around 2017 and the Albanians passed through it. The murder of Diabolik marked a turning point. Fabrizio Piscitelli, nicknamed Diabolik, was the leader of the Lazio soccer club’s ultras group. He also controlled a large part of the drug trade in Rome, thanks to the support of the Albanians.
Elvis Demce took up the role of boss. The son of Albanians was completely Romanized, with his group speaking in Romanesco, the local dialect.
Demce called himself Don Pablo, after Pablo Escobar. When he got out of prison, he had big plans. But someone else had taken over his territory, Ermal Aarpaj. Their conflict attracted the attention of cops. Cornered by investigations, Elvis Demce decided to confront the state with violence. The Albanian’s plan included assassinating policemen and two judges, brothers Francesco and Giuseppe Cascini. Demce planned to commit the attack in the heart of Rome. He made the mistake of carrying out his explicit calls through SkyEcc, whose server Europol had intercepted months before. The operation concluded last January with 27 arrests and the dismantling of the group. They have been charged with crimes of international drug trafficking and organized crime.
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