Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ex-HA bikie Dennis Basic guilty

Ex-Hells Angel bikie Dennis Basic, 42, was sentenced to 26 months and 14 days in prison for a dozen offences including assaulting an emergency worker, animal cruelty and recklessly causing injury. He was jailed for throwing a heavy bollard at a mounted officer and hitting a police horse in the head during separate protests in Melbourne in 2020 and 2021. While wielding a 'resist' flag, Basic used the flagpole to hit a police horse in the head multiple times. Cops subsequently searched his home and found illegal weapons.
While on bail, Basic attended another anti-lockdown protest in July 2021 where he threw an orange traffic bollard across the crowd and hit a cop mounted on a horse. The judge called Basic's actions “unwarranted, disrespectful and appalling” and said the attacks were "dangerous, unprovoked and completely lawless”. In 2007 Basic was involved in helping HA bikies try to blow up the Nitro Gym, owned by Comancheros president Michael Murray.

Dennis Basic is described as chronic unemployed and living off his ex-wife's money. The judge said Basic's rehabilitation prospects were "highly problematic".