Thursday, August 24, 2023

Mr. Flashy - David Glen Ward - update XII

Latest for Dublin bad boy Glen Ward is reports he and his goons are muscling in on turf belonging to others. After at very least 4 hit attempts this space wonders how many lives the cat-like David Glen Ward has left.

Karl Hyland, left, and David Glen Ward, right.
An associate of Mr Flashy is responsible for a vicious fire bomb attack that left an innocent man severely burned. Flashy’s brother and his goons got into a “verbal row” with peons of heroin boss Tony ‘King Scum’ Felloni. They left the scene before returning. The gang then targeted a man by launching a petrol bomb at him, setting him on fire. The victim is in serious condition. Mr Flashy’s brother Eric O'Driscoll has been fingered.

Censorship of Mr Flashy's photo and identity has ended in Ireland as he has been charged with the serious offense of violent disorder. Things have been quiet for Mr. Flashy after his fourth attempted hit.

Dubbed 'the gang that can't shoot straight', cops say Mr. Flashy's enemies haven't given up.
An associate of Glen Ward was shot in the hand and ass. He is recovering. Gardai found a car that was set on fire in the Berryfield area of Finglas. The latest hit attempt is the second time for this sidekick of Mr Flashy. He survived a shooting while travelling in a taxi with the Dublin gang boss in June.

Mr. Flashy (Glen Ward) left, Eric O'Driscoll center, Darragh Collopy.
Glen Ward is now making efforts to conceal that mug from cameras. The judge deferred free legal aid for Ward and O'Driscoll, pending their bank account details. This after a complaint from cops that Glen Ward has ample means to pay a lawyer. The trio will be back in court and face up to 10 years in jail.
Glen Ward, 29, his brother Eric O'Driscoll, 20, and Darragh Collopy, 18 were spotted on CCTV footage by gardai who arrested them for the crime of violent disorder. Irish censorship of Glen Ward's mug is officially over as he has been charged with a serious offense. Its said the Irish public are livid the gangster is claiming poverty and receiving free legal aid from the state. Dublin's Mr. Flashy (David Glen Ward) was filmed in an armed street brawl. Mr Flashy and his punks took on associates of the murdered Shane Fowler. Flashy can be heard saying: “Tell your boyfriend we’re on. “We’re bulletproof. Your gaff is getting blazed.” Recently Flashy and one of his bums were no-shows in court due to threats. The petty theft case was put back to a later date. Both lags received legal aid due to poverty. The duo are accused of stealing wine as they left an expensive Dublin restaurant.
A 'vulnerable' man was threatened by David Glen Ward who demanded €30k after he 'liked' a social media post of rivals. The north Dublin man, in his 20s, was once friendly with Flashy. The man attempted suicide due to the threats.

This follows the firebombing of the home of James Whelan’s mother. She and brother of James Whelan escaped unhurt. After a certain point one accepts the world would be better off without the likes of wicked scumbag Mr. Flashy in it.
Days after running for his life from a gunman, Mr. Flashy posted video on social media of his care free criminal mug on a Jet Ski. Mr. Flashy always thinks of his fans. NATURALLY the Irish have kindly seen fit to censor Flashy's mug (and name) from public view again. Gangster David Glen Ward must be laughing.

If he were Garda Síochána's little ratboy it would explain everything.
Mr. Flashy enemies make a good point about David Glen Ward being a rat. Arrested often but NEVER touched as all fall around him. This is signature rat.
Mr Flashy ran for his life after the taxi carrying him and an associate in Dublin was shot up. Cops expected retaliation over the Flashy mob murder of rival James Whelan in April. Cops say Whelan's allies tried to gun down the mob boss and his sidekick.