Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mr. Flashy - David Glen Ward runs for life from gunman - update IV

A 'vulnerable' man was threatened by David Glen Ward who demanded €30k after he 'liked' a social media post of rivals. The north Dublin man, in his 20s, was once friendly with Flashy. The man attempted suicide due to the threats.

This follows the firebombing of the home of James Whelan’s mother. She and brother of James Whelan escaped unhurt. After a certain point one accepts the world would be better off without the likes of wicked scumbag Mr. Flashy in it.
Days after running for his life from a gunman, Mr. Flashy posted video on social media of his care free criminal mug on a Jet Ski. Mr. Flashy always thinks of his fans. NATURALLY the Irish have kindly seen fit to censor Flashy's mug (and name) from public view again. Gangster David Glen Ward must be laughing.
Video, a clear threat from Mr. Flashy or his crew, was posted April 17th. Irish taxpayers need to protect this thug's identity? Who is protecting Irish citizens from him?

If he were Garda Síochána's little ratboy it would explain everything.
Mr. Flashy enemies make a good point about David Glen Ward being a rat. Arrested often but NEVER touched as all fall around him. This is signature rat, seen often.
We are aware of wide censorship of Mr Flashy's photo and identity. Material posted here was deleted without notice, despite not being subject to Irish law whatsoever. David Glen Ward of the Gucci Gang is a famous Dublin gangster, guilty of any number of ongoing violent crimes, including dealing drugs. Why does this evil little man command anonymity, something no other gangster on earth enjoys? For the protection of the public this clown's photo should be available, like all others. The public in Dublin, and elsewhere, needs to avoid being anywhere near David Glen Ward for their safety. Anybody taking that away from folks are irresponsible chitfaces. Endanger the innocent while protecting a notorious gangster? Irish authorities must have potatoes for brains.

Photo shows Karl Hyland, left, and David Glen Ward, right. (Mr. Flashy)
Mr Flashy ran for his life after the taxi carrying him and an associate in Dublin was shot up. Cops expected retaliation over the Flashy mob murder of rival James Whelan in April. Cops say Whelan's allies tried to gun down the mob boss and his sidekick.