Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Randy Vogel - 'Fleet Captain' - update

Randy Vogel was "born and raised in Shaughnessy." Vogel was raised in the privileges of wealth by virtue of birth. This is the world of country clubs and yacht clubs to keep the riff raff out. This is what made the man who would angrily rip down posters of a dead woman. A moral vacancy where a soul should be.
Tim Vogel, left, Randy Vogel, right. Father Wink Vogel died March 2020. Randy Vogel attended Harvard Business School, then became a real estate agent and B&B operator.

The Vogel's mansion at 5050 Granville had been operating as Granville House Bed and Breakfast.
The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club said 'Fleet Captain' Randy Vogel has been suspended from the club. Vogel has stepped down from the board of his family business Cloverdale Paint. 
Randy Vogel was fired by Macdonald Realty after he decided to rip down posters seeking information on the death of a native woman found in the area. Randy Vogel and his wife Pam own 5050 Granville Street, near where the posters were torn down.

 "Macdonald Realty is known for our long tradition of integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, a member of our organization didn’t live up to these values, and we therefore moved quickly to ensure that they are no longer with our company."