Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Cocaine in model's vagina - revisited again

This blogger determines content here and all we can say is, well, that's one baaaaaaad pussycat.
Bad girl Grace Evelyn Athanatos has stayed out of trouble since 2022.
Grace Evelyn Athanatos insists she is a 'nice girl' as she breaks her silence about the humiliating moment she was caught and strip searched. The 24-year-old was waiting outside the exhibition hall when sniffer dogs began to bark around her. When cops asked to search her outside, she began to cry. Tears didn't work and she had to explain to cops why they wouldn't find her prohibited cocaine stash with a pat down.
Records stated she had 5.6 grams of cocaine, though it's unclear how much of the condom's weight was counted in official recordings.
Grace Evelyn had some splaining to do after authorities busted her with a cocaine-filled condom inside her vagina while attending Marlo Music Festival in Australia. She had a large amount of cocaine in the condom. She avoided grief by pleading guilty.
She was hit with a 12-month conditional release order.