Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gregory Woolley abode in tax crosshairs - update

A fire broke out in the garage of the home of Gregory Woolley on August 14. It is said it was not unanimous among all Hells Angels when Woolley plotted the attempted hit on Raynald Desjardins.

Wooley has his own reasons for wanting to live elsewhere. In early May, the house next door was mistakenly targeted by gunfire. Shortly after, shell casings were discovered on the property.  Both incidents were seen as targeting Woolley directly.
The house, listed for sale at $3.8m, is registered to Christelle Huot, 37. Revenu Québec is trying to recover a debt from her to the tune of $80,000. If Christelle Huot fails to pay within the allotted time, the luxurious home with a 400 bottle wine cellar, built-in sound system, in-ground swimming pool, separate staff accommodation and a 70,000 square foot wooded lot, could be seized. The former reality TV contestant's financial troubles don't end there. A Bahamian loan company she took out one of her mortgages with issued a notice of default for over $650k in July 2021. The amount remains outstanding.
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