Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ireland's Mr Big - Jonathan Gill

The Irish have an annoying propensity to protect their most heinous gangsters from the spotlight until such time as the charges become serious. Another example is Jonathan Gill, a man of large Dublin underworld reputation who, for many years, was known to the Irish public only as 'Mr. Big.' Something is about Mr. Big lately as users in Ireland and elsewhere are checking him out on this blog.

Jonathan Gill - Mr. Big
In 2020 the Irish press referred to Jonathan Gill as 'Mr. Big' exclusively. Gill, like Glen Ward 'Mr. Flashy', was officially warned his life is in danger. This likely explains dopey Irish censorship again. Every gangster on earth has death threats. Irish authorities are bent to give their worst gangsters a free pass.
Gardai suspect a Dublin man who transported over €1m in proceeds of crime was working as a ‘gillie’ for the gang led by the north Dublin crime boss Mr Big. Gillie is officially defined as (1 · a male attendant on a Scottish Highland chief ; 2 · a fishing and hunting guide ; 3 · a shoe with a low top and decorative lacing)
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