Friday, July 15, 2022

Oz cops put brakes on $24m cocaine 'tyre' import - update Khalils

Brendon Khalil, 53, and his son Simon, 25, have been charged with importing 66 kg of cocaine discovered in car tires in Perth. The duo have links to the notorious Hamzy and Alameddine crime families in Sydney.

In 2021 they were busted for renting out stolen and modified luxury cars to gangsters. Nine stolen luxury cars were seized. Police alleged many were used in violent crimes.
Four West Australians are busted after 66 kg of cocaine – worth about $23.7m AUD at street level, was seized in Perth. Cops found the cocaine hidden in four Mercedes-Benz performance wheels imported from Switzerland. ABF officers at the Perth cargo facility detected anomalies when they x-rayed the air cargo consignment. The drugs were replaced with a harmless substance before the tyres were released for collection. The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment.