Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Vincent 'Fatz' Caruso busted, along with mom

Caruso’s operation had links to the Lil Crip and Tiny Rascal street gangs.
Boston fentanyl dealer Vincent 'Fatz' Caruso, 29, was sentenced to 20 years. On social media, he bragged about owning six pill presses, which he used to make fentanyl disguised as Percocet. He also admitted to firearms, robbery, and money laundering offences. He washed proceeds at the Brook Casino in Seabrook, NH, where his mother assisted. She was handed nine years.
Caruso made frequent trips to the Brook Casino with his mother, Laurie Caruso, 52. The duo was careful to bet amounts below $10,000, the threshold at which a casino must report cash transactions. Prosectors said it was “even more appalling” that some of Caruso’s Instagram boasts were posted while he was on pretrial release.

Caruso has prior arrests for firearms, home invasion, robbery, assault, and drug offenses. Its 250 months for FATZ, he is a 'Menace II Society' no longer.