Sunday, September 18, 2022

Cocaine importer Maxime Lenoir whacked - update

Maxime Lenoir
Widens Point du Jour Paul, 27, of Montreal, has been charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Maxime Lenoir. He is alleged to have been the getaway driver in the Aug. 23 murder. The alleged shooter, Samuel Jamahl Anthony Chand was arrested in Vancouver. He will appear at the Montreal courthouse next week. He served a long prison sentence for an attempted murder with a firearm. In 2009, Chand tried to kill a drug dealer in Surrey, near an elementary school. “There is still a chance of rehabilitation in his case,” judge Peder Gulbransen said in 2011, sentencing Chand to a decade in prison. Gulbransen passed away on June 16, 2021.
Point du Jour Paul has ties to a Montreal street gang. He pulled 28 months for setting fire to a pizzeria in Repentigny in 2013.
Cops question an eye witness to the Lenoir hit.On Tuesday, Maxime Lenoir became the sixth cocaine importer shot dead in three and a half years in the Montreal metropolitan area. Cops described him as an "influential actor" in the underworld, close to both the Italian mafia and the Hells Angels. He was described in court as a close friend of senior HA Salvatore Cazzetta. Lenoir got his dope from the Sinaloa cartel, known to be ruthless in the event of any problems with business partners.

Since 2018, Ray Kanho (Italian Mafia), Michail Michakis (Sinaloa Cartel), Ivan Alejandro Silva Sanchez (Sinaloa Cartel) and Piero Arena (Italian Mafia) have shared the same fate.

Cops searched his residence in Terrebonne, but Lenoir had not been arrested.
In June 2020, the Sûreté du Québec identified Lenoir as the head of a methamphetamine manufacturing network whose lab was dismantled in Danville.

Salvatore Cazzetta
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