Friday, December 16, 2022

Frédérick Silva to solve 'dozens' of murders - revisited

Lawyers have refused to represent Frédérick Silva, the organized crime hit man turned informant. Silva has been convicted of four homicides and the attempted murder of Montreal Mafia leader Salvatore Scoppa.
The ongoing confessions of the Terrebonne killer will shake the pillars of the Montreal Mafia, the Hells Angels and other criminal organizations says reliable Quebec press. In 2013, during the Magot investigation, cops began to observe Silva in the company of big names in organized crime. The new star cop witness has been giving information since June and it is said to be huge.
Silva with Gregory Woolley in Dec 2014.
"Our sources tell us that "it's bigger than Gérald Gallant"." This refers to the famous hitman turned informer who confessed to 28 murders. Its said Silva has provided detailed statements about several dozen murders committed on behalf of various organized crime factions in Quebec. The killer was so busy that he called on subcontractors for some of his work. Like Gallant, he was unable to quantify the amount of money he made. Unlike Gallant, Silva is seeking no compensation. His only demand was for protection for him and his family. Top players in Quebec organized crime are getting worried, their time is running out.
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