Saturday, August 13, 2022

Hells Angels behind shootings in Pattaya - update

'Aero' is bringing cop heat to what was HAMC paradise.
Oz Hells Angels are responsible for a series of shootings, expanding control over locals. The Thai man shot is a member of the local Hells Angels. He received leg injuries when his home and car were riddled with bullets. Australian Hells Angels are said to be led by a man nicknamed 'Aero'. Oz bikies have been feuding with Thai locals since 2015. Cops closed an HA clubhouse after introducing new laws to deal with imported bikie crime.
Shootings in the resort town of Pattaya were carried out on behalf of the Hells Angels. Eleven bullets were fired into a Harley-Davidson shop in Pattaya. That same night they men shot the home of a Thai member of motorcycle club HOG AAS from Pattaya. Belgian Axel Goddeeris, 37 and Canadian Steven Zatchus, 48, are wanted. UK man Joshua George Hurley, 35, was arrested as was Australian Anthony George Leorga, 61.
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