Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Michael Hans Bopfinger misunderstood, not - Update

Bopfinger has been picked up by cops, to the great relief of residents.
Michael Hans Bopfinger, 47, is wanted by cops in Vernon in connection with a gun incident on July 23. Bopfinger is wanted for assault, uttering threats and firearms-related offences. He commented on his own wanted poster. Vernon cops posted his mugshot July 25, and Bopfinger responded to comments under his photo. When someone commented: "A real beauty!" ... Bopfinger replied: "You don't know anything about the hole situation (sic)."

In 2017 Bopfinger was an on the run sex offender. He was handed 11 years in 2011 for brutal sexual assaults on three Vernon sex trade workers.
Bopfinger says he has drug and mental problems. That is likely true. In 2020 he faced charges for causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal.