Monday, August 22, 2022

Oz cops land 11.2 kg pure fentanyl from Vancouver - 'total act of bastardry'

Nearly 60 kg of powdered substance was found including 30kg of meth. 27 kg of the powder contained fentanyl, yielding 11.2 kg of pure fentanyl.
The largest fentanyl seizure in Australia arrived from Canada inside ammunition boxes in an industrial lathe. A three-tonne industrial lathe was shipped from Canada and arrived in Melbourne in December 2021. The ABF sent it for further scrutiny and x-rays revealed drugs. Australian authorities have issued a public warning about the opioid and are still investigating. No arrests have been made.
Fentanyl was not known to be in the country in such purity and bulk.
A two-week operation to remove and analyze the powder was mounted, outdoors, by officers in full bio-hazard outfits with a decontamination zone, ambulances and naloxone at the ready. The previous high bust was 30 gms. “Typically, we would only see fentanyl being detected in quantities of one gram or less." Most Oz fentanyl street sales are stolen medical patches.