Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ukraine missile strike kills 'Lady Death'

Lt Colonel Olga 'Kursa' Kachura, 52, was killed in a Ukrainian missile strike. She boasted how much she enjoyed killing Ukrainians. Kachura was killed after a Ukrainian missile hit her car in the city of Horlivka, in the Donetsk region. She was a Ukrainian who worked in the Horlivka Police department and defected in 2014. She was awarded the 'Hero of Russia' posthumously. Putin has lost two other colonels in the past week. Paratrooper Lt Colonel Ivan Pozdeev 'died as a hero during the special war operation in Ukraine'. Also dead is Lt Col Denis Sorokin, commander of an assault battalion. He was also awarded the 'Hero of Russia' posthumously.
America has announced another $1b in military aid, including more of the hugely effective HIMARS missile systems.