Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Canadian media destroyed by Trump tabloid King - update

The dismantling of Canadian newspapers has evidence today with news of the cancellation of Monday editions for 9 newspapers across the country. " we will no longer be producing a Monday print edition."

Anthony Melchiorre
On June 1, 2021, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and others reported on the cost to kill a story: American Media, the parent company of The National Enquirer, paid $187k to the Federal Election Commission to settle the fact it provided $150k in hush money to a former Playboy model to kill her story about an affair with Donald Trump. The owner of American Media in 2016 was Chatham Asset Management. Melchiorre sold American Media in 2019.
When one speaks of damages to reputation and ethics one may look to the source. Canadians also need to ask themselves if Anthony Melchiorre is the man they trust to tell the truth.
Melchiorre targets poorly performing media companies that may have losses, but have strong cash flow. The cash is drained off, the assets sold, and the acquired enterprises eventually go taters up. Chatham has been undergoing its first exam by the SEC. The SEC has increased its focus on the valuation of Chathan securities across the market. Chatham is accused of market manipulation with it's highly illiquid securities.