Saturday, April 15, 2023

Ekene Anigbo goes away on weapons charges - update

Charges were laid Friday against Red Scorpion gangster Ekene 'Lololanski' Anigbo and his associate Jalen Falk for the murder of Kathleen Richardson. Richardson was killed in her Naramata home on June 9, 2021. A third gangster Shahram Tokhy is also charged.

Anigbo was arrested in October 2021 after he carried two loaded semi-automatic firearms into a Richmond hotel lobby. He is notorious after being named as a top Vancouver gangster.
Ekene Dillichuwu Anigbo, 23, pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited or restricted and loaded firearm. The 'top 6' Vancouver gangster bought himself four years on Sept. 26 after he carried two semi-automatic firearms into a hotel lobby. He was on probation at the time for possession of a loaded P80 handgun. Anigbo "presented a risk to public safety". The judge noted that Anigbo had pledged he wanted to turn his life around and committed to doing so. That was pure bullshit.

With credit for time served, Anigbo has a remaining 33.5 months.VPD say Anigbo, also known as rapper Lolo Lanski, is a member of the Kang/Red Scorpion group.