Friday, September 30, 2022

Kim Bolan - Postmedia Network Inc. sue Dennis Watson - update II

Latest is Mr. Dennis Watson blaming yours truly in court documents for his legal troubles. (John Doe) What say we? First off I am not 'John Doe' and never was. Anybody losing sleep over Kimmee Bolan is a retard.

Mr. Dennis Watson was a pussy and folded to former HAMC boss Damiano Dipopolo even though he had a strong case. His REPLY to the latest from Kim Bolan fails massively.  Dude figures BCSC rules are for others. The man called Kimmee Bolan a liar many times over and has zero evidence to back this up. He is spewing out his ass about ridiculous conspiracy theories so bent one needs to question Dennis Watson's mental state.
A BCSC lawsuit for defamation has been filed by the above noted against crime blogger Dennis Watson. This would be the same Dennis Watson sued by ex-HAMC president Damiano Dipopolo for damages to HIS fragile reputation. Too bloody damn curious is this rubbish on a first pass ... "was published of and conceming (SIC) the plaintiff Bolan and is defamatory to her in her character, calling, reputation and profession'. I have no issues with doing that, at all. Kimmee Bolan outted the fully innocent '3 blind mice' in 2016, and her laughable claims of being subject to a murder plot came from her secret source, career criminal Donnie 'Blaze' McWhirter, who was feeding her BS for fun. Kimmee has ALWAYS been full of krap. See ----->Here.

"designed to cause Bolan fear, anxiety and misery, and to impugn her dignity."
"The conduct of Watson has been high-handed and deliberate, and demonstrates a wanton disregard for the safety of the plaintiff Bolan, particulars of which inciude (SIC) the following: (a) The Third Defamatory Expression ends with the words "Tiocfaidh ar lr",an Irish language sentence, a reasonably complete and accurate translation of which is "Our day".
LiarTard extraordinary Mr. Scott Dawson of Farris LLP. We say his representation of Postmedia Network Inc. is defacto serving owner Chatham Asset Management which is serving wicked Trump azzwiper Anthony Melchiorre. Shame youse terds.
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