Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lorenzo 'Fat Cat' Nichols seeks compassionate release

Prosecutors described 'Fat Cat' as the leader a violent gang that, in the 1980s, raked in $100k a week selling drugs in Brooklyn and Queens. Nichols protected his empire with extreme violence that resulted in the deaths of at least four, including a parole officer who sent him back to prison for violation of his parole. He was also tied to the death of NYPD officer Eddie Byrne. Fat Cat was sentenced to 40 years, of which he's served 37. In his plea for release, Nichols says his health is suffering from the stress in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center. He cannot follow a vegan diet, and its causing high blood pressure.
He speaks of his "Glucose and Prostate levels." Brooklyn federal prosecutors filed a lengthy argument as to why "Fat Cat" Nichols deserves not a damn thing.