Friday, September 2, 2022

Mitchell Engler - putting the 'pro' into prolific

Engler drove the stolen truck on flat tires until it could no longer be operated.
'Prolific' repeat offender Mitchell Engler is in custody on multiple offences, again. Cops in an unmarked police car followed a stolen black Ram pickup. Olds RCMP then deployed a tire deflation device. It was effective and the vehicle was disabled.
Charges number 15 and include flight from cops. The latest batch add to the 25 outstanding charges Engler is already on bail for. Its deja vu all over again because in 2020 Engler was picked up on five warrants with 23 charges including flight from police, dangerous operation of a stolen motor vehicle, possession of stolen property and failing to comply with conditions of release.
5 years ago career criminal Mitchell 'Mitch' Engler was wanted for kidnapping and weapons.
Thus far the one man crime wave is still in custody. Crime stats are down in Alberta.