Monday, October 3, 2022

Accused hitman Matthew Dupre says Thailand will whack him

Matthew Dupre began an extradition hearing in Edmonton Court. He's wanted for trial by Thailand for the February 4, 2022 murder of former UN gangster Jimi Singh Sandhu. His lawyer says he could face the death penalty if he is extradited.

Sandhu was ventilated with more than 10 gunshots outside his villa at Phuket’s Beachfront Hotel. Thai police found large sums of money and drugs during a search of Sandhu's rented villa. Multiple CCTV cameras captured images of Dupre and the deceased Gene Karl Lahrkamp with their faces uncovered. Cops also retrieved DNA evidence linking them to clothing deposited by the shooters. Thai executions are rare. In past cases the Thai government has given assurances such a sentence would not be carried out. Utimiately the decision is Canada's federal minister of justice.
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