Monday, October 31, 2022

Goran Gogic busted for 22 tons of cocaine

Former heavyweight boxer from Montenegro Goran Gogic, 43, was charged by the U.S. with trafficking in 22 tons of cocaine worth over $1 billion, most of which was part of the largest cocaine seizure in American history. Gogic was arrested while trying to board a flight to Zurich from Miami. Charges stem from the seizures of 19,930 kg (22 tons) of cocaine from three commercial cargo ships in 2019, including 17,956 kilograms (19.8 tons) from the MSC Gayane while it was docked at Philadelphia's Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. Traffickers transported cocaine to Europe from Colombia through American ports. They used cranes and nets at night to hoist drugs onto cargo ships from speedboats along the ships' routes.
Gogic oversaw the logistics of the scheme, coordinating with crew members, Colombian smugglers and European ports to benefit Balkan cartels.
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